Competition Winners

Thanks for all the great entries we had to out Patagonia Competition! We had a lot of good ones and narrowing down 3 winning entries was pretty difficult.

Congratulations to our 3 winners…

1st place


“My Fav bit of kit is my Patagonia R1 hoody (honestly no connection to competition) although the Alpine guide pants were a close second! †Amazing piece of kit that has negated carrying other equipment (beanie hat, buff face mask , fleece). The hood is the best in the business and has protected me in the last 12 months from fierce windchill on Elbrus (see pic) Japow in Hokkaido and miserable winter days at home in North Wales. I recently had a hole on the sleeve (made by my suunto watch ) repaired at the Worn Wear tour in Capel Curig so it’s good to go for a few years yet. Only negative comment is that I wish I hadn t got black, as it’s not much use when temps are a bit higher . If I did win the £100 I would probably get one of these in the Orange and look a bit more Euro!”

Elbrus 063

2nd Place


“I bought this bag in Glasgow about 15 years ago. It was probably the first time Iíve really decided to invest in the best quality piece of outdoor gear I could afford. It was about 80 quid – and at the time, handing that over for a bag was a pretty painful experience! Well, as they sayÖ ďthe recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgottenĒ and thatís certainly the case with this bag.

In the last 15 yearsÖ over a third of my life to date, itís been pretty much wherever I have been Ė itís been crammed with skiing, sailing, biking, climbing and mountaineering kit, lashed to roof racks and defied airport luggage scales all over the world. Despite a few nicks, which have been deftly mended with gaffer tape and stitched with sail makers thread, I think itís only just beginning to be properly worn in. Like itís owner, itís collecting a few signs of wear and tearÖ.but itís got at least another 30-40 years of travelling left in the tank.”


3rd Place


“I initially thought DMMs revolver seemed like a cool gimmick, like were flexing their hot forging prowess to show who’s boss. Until in the dying light of a baking hot second day on El Cap my partner Andy shouted up ‘oh balls, there’s a knot in the haul line’ Both of us were blitzed and dehydrated but still riding the ‘OH MY GOD I’M ON EL CAP!’ wave grabbing the lower out line, we hauled the final 30ft off a revolver and inverted jumar by passing the traxion.

The second pic is half an hour after our getto bodge haul, after we discovered the portaledge was a tangled mess and Andy nearly cried with happiness when I produced a can of peaches in syrup and he couldn’t get them in his mouth fast enough.

fun times!”


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