Suunto Ambit Software Update 1.8

The software update that adds UK grid reference (BNG) capability to the Suunto Ambit is now available. Next time you connect your Ambit to your computer you will prompted to make this mandatory update, whole thing takes about 10mins. The update also adds a stopwatch outside of the exercise modes, improves the route following in navigation mode and makes several other small adjustments. You can read a text file of all the changes when the update completes.

At last the Ambit does what it should have been able to do in the first place! The next software update, 2.0, looks to give the user the ability to really customise the watch to add and remove functions that are important to you. New community created features will be available. This update is scheduled for Novemeber 2012


  1. Good news for all!!
    Thanks for the post I am off home to update.
    This has now made the Ambit complete!
    Sunnto… we kneel in the long shadow of your excellence.

  2. Excellent stuff – are you due to receive any Ambit stock soon?

    I’m very intrigued about the November update – what are these community features and how are they created? (Are they really planning to release the API?)

    It would be great to be able to introduce a storm alert and sunset times, two features of the Core that this watch really needs.

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