Marmot La Grave Jacket – Tested

We now have the excellent Marmot La Grave softshell jacket in stock. I tested it out last season and here is a brief run down taken from our website.

I used a La Grave jacket on holiday last season and was very pleased with it. The first thing I noticed was how warm it was for a softshell jacket. Other softshell jackets I have used like the ME G2 and the Marmot Moran jacket are great when you are moving but not warm enough for standing about in. The La Grave is a bit less breathable than those style of jackets but much warmer and totally wind resistant, much more suited to the stop/start nature of alpine skiing and boarding. The La Grave is a membrane softshell jacket so the membrane is waterproof and breathable but it is not fully taped so cannot be called a true waterproof. On the other hand it’s about 10 times as tough as a waterprof which is handy for when you throw yourself at the floor! I detached the hood and kept it in the pocket but found the high collar great if you were being chilled by the wind on a chairlift, if you hunch your shoulders you can almost get inside the collar. The La Grave jacket is a bit on the heavy side for a multi purpose mountaineering and skiing jacket but fantastic for those that will mainly use it for skiing and boarding.