Suunto GPS Pod now in stock

After some pretty lengthy delays the Suunto GPS Pod has finally arrived. Compatible with the T3, T4 & T6 the GPS Pod allows speed and distance info over any terrain.
This palm sized unit can be worn on the arm, pack strap or carried in a chest pocket.
I was straight out to test it last night. I have an original T6, a least a couple of years old, that was made before the GPS Pod exsisted. I was pleased to find that I could pair the GPS Pod with my T6 with no trouble at all, and after about a minute I was ready to go. After an off road run with the set up my initial reaction was that the POD held it’s signal well even in built up areas and under trees. The pace display (min per mile) was a little erratic, maybe when the POD had limited view of the sky, but the overall distance and average speed seemed pretty good. More detailed analysis to follow.