New Rab Sleeping Bags

Our range of new Rab Sleeping bags will keep you warm in a wide variety of conditions. Low weight and packsize are a priority while our warmest bag will keep you toasty down to -12C for under a 1kg.


The range starts with the redesigned classic Neutrino bags. Lightweight, all round use and available in 3 versions:

Rab Neutrino 600 / 400 / 200

Rab Neutrino 600 / 955g (regular) / -5C (comfort) to -12C (limit)

Rab Neutrino 400 / 795g (regular) / -1C (comfort) to -7C (limit)

Rab Neutrino 200 / 520g (regular) / 6C (comfort) to 1C (limit)

All 3 versions are filled with 800FP European Goose Down which has a flurocarbon free hydrophobic treatment which will stop the down clumping up inside a damp tent. They all use Pertex Quantum to provide a water resistant, down and windproof barrier between you and the elements. The redesign also introduces an unusual chevron style baffle design. This is allows more of the bag to be covered by less baffles, decreasing the number of seams. This increases the warmth by reducing cold spots.

The Neutrinos make a great all round use bag. Whether you’re an ultralight backpacker or cycle tourer or a 4 season camping hard case, there’s a Neutrino bag for you.


The Rab Neutrino Pro is the burlier sibling to the Neutrino bags, featuring a tougher Pertex Quantum Pro outer. The Neutrino Pro is avliable in two versions:

Rab Neutrino Pro 600 / 400

Rab Neutrino Pro 600 / 1040g (regular) / -5C (comfort) to -12C (limit)

Rab Neutrino Pro 400 / 830g (regular) / -1C (comfort) to -7C (limit)

Pertex Quantum Pro takes the ultralight downproof Pertex Quantum and adds a very thin laminated water resistant layer. It isn’t a waterproof membrane like you see in a waterproof jacket so is not waterproof. It does however add an extra layer of water resistance and durability to your bag.

The same 800FP European Goose down with a hydrophobic treatment is used in the Neutrino Pro, the additional protection offered by Pertex Quantum Pro fabic makes the Neutrino Pro an ideal bag for multi day activities where a cold bivi is planned.


The Rab Mythics are ultralight 900FP Goose Down filled sleeping bags featuring a 7 Denier Pertex Quantum outer. Available in 2 versions:

Rab Mythic 600 / 400

Rab Mythic 600 / 855g / -5C (comfort) to -12C (limit)

Rab Mythic 400 / 660g -1C (comfort) to -6C (limit)

The Pertex Quantum outer has a water resistant treatment and the Down has a NikWax fluorocarbon free treatment so the bag still performs in damper environments, but is not waterproof.

Designed for the ultimate fast and light missions. From cold Alpine Bivis to freezing adventure races, the Mythic is a more specialised bag than the Neutrino range but if you want super light and warm look no further.

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