Mammut Barryvox and Barryvox S Delivery Dates

The new Mammut transceivers have been predictably popular, what has been less predictable is how long the stocks we receive will stay on our shelves. Hopefully the information below will offer a little more clarity on when the bulk of our future deliveries are scheduled for.

The dates below are what Mammut have told us, they should be pretty accurate, however they are not guaranteed.

Limited stock:

We’re expecting to receive a small amount of the following stock on these dates.

Barryvox – 22/02/2018

Barryvox Package Light – 01/02/2018

Barryvox S / Barryvox S Package – 26/01/2018

Good stock:

We expect to be holding the below items in stock from the dates below.

Barryvox – 25/02/2018

Barryvox Package Light – 14/02/2018

Barryvox S – 05/03/2018

Barryvox Package – 12/03/2018

If the items are in stock it will say ‘In stock‘ on the product web page. If they are not in stock the message ‘Not in stock, on backorder‘ will be displayed. If you order an item which is not in stock you will be charged for the order and we will add you to the backorder list. Backorders are filled chronologically and as soon as we receive the stock we will send it to you. At the current time we have a small number of people on the backorder list who will be allocated stock as it is received. You can cancel your backorder at anytime, providing we haven’t already shipped it.

View the Mammut Transceivers

View the Mammut Transceiver Packages

Dates above are correct as of 23/01/2018.

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