Staff Picks – Earn your Beers

Lately I have been tinkering around with the Suunto Ambit 3 Vertical, in particular the Community created apps that are available through Movescount. These apps really give Suunto an edge over its competitors when it comes to customising your watch, especially if you are interested in recording or calculating some really odd info while training.

Disappointingly walking for 6km only earns you 1.9 small European lagers.

My current favorite is the Beers burned off app (or beers earned as Iím calling it) by jweak. The app estimates your energy consumption in kcal and converts this into 150kcal increments. jweak is†obviously not based in the UK and must be using smaller euro beers, you can change it to the approximately 200kcal in a pint.†Anyway I have added it to my Hiking activity so I get a nice screen telling me how may demi euro beers I’ve Ďearnedí.

Movescount apps can be added to all Ambit 3 variants, not just the vertical so get playing around!

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