Rab Mountain Marathon 2014

The 2014 edition of the Rab Mountain Marathon  is set to take place this weekend in the Lake District National Park. The event is a two-day fell running and navigation challenge for pairs or solo participants and has vastly increased in popularity since the inaugural event in 2007.

The Rab Mountain Marathon is a ‘score event’, which minimises participant congestion on the mountain and maximises route choice, offering a more personal and enjoyable experience whilst testing navigation skills. Everything is kept a secret until the beginning of day one, where participants will receive their maps and are left to their own devices to navigate a route in order to build up their score. It is also up to the competitors to carry all of their food and equipment over the two days, as well as having to purify water! This all takes place on challenging terrain in the Lake District, where capabilities will be tested and lateness will be penalised!

Here are some mountain marathon essentials that we recommend:

Mountain Equipment Xero 300
Mountain Equipment Xero 300

The Xero 300 weighs only around 800g and packs down incredibly small, whilst retaining essential warmth.

Mountain House Main Meals
Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

These main meals from Mountain House provide you with the vital calories and nutrients that a hard day of racing can take out of you – and they’re super-lightweight!

Jetboil Sol Titanium
Jetboil Sol Titanium

For cooking and boiling water, there are fewer more convenient and lightweight stoves than the Jetboil Sol Titanium.

Lowe Alpine Lightflite 25

A large 25 litre capacity pack weighing in at under 500g! Perfect for fitting in all your gear whilst keeping weight down.

Take a look at our full range of mountain marathon equipment here: All Adventure Racing

For useful information on mountain marathons, from selecting your competition to packing your stuff, all experienced first-hand by a seasoned adventure racer, check out Stuart’s guides here:

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