What do you call your nuts?

Wild Country Classic Rocks

Climbers refer to their nuts by many different names and in order to help you find the tackle you’re looking for we want to make sure that we’ve got a handle on your… erm… nomenclature. To that end we’re asking you:

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Phew, I made it all the way through without slipping into cheap gags about greasy cracks or thank-god jugs…

Sam Cartwright

Sam Cartwright

Hi, I'm a keen hiker and climber who grew up in the North of Cumbria before moving to Leeds for university. I used to be a very keen skier but a series of accidents led to me dropping the sport in favour of climbing. I've also recently rekindled an interest in mountain biking and am often to be found charging round local trail centres. I started at Facewest in August '08 and currently work in Web Development and Sales. Thanks, Sam

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