Arcteryx Epsilon AR Jacket

Tested my Arcteryx Epsilon AR Jacket this morning with a very fresh windy walk from the train station to work. Not exactly the most demanding of environments I know but you have to make do with where you are. The Epsilon AR is described as a lightweight softshell using hardfleece technology, in use I found it to be much more of a softshell than a fleece. The Epsilon AR is thin like a softshell and the warmth comes from the windblocking properties rather than depth of fabric like a traditional fleece. The windblocking comes from the smooth tight finish to the jacket’s exterior but no membrane or lycra is used so there is no clammy feeling but strong gusts of wind did cut through it. The smooth face fabric does give the fabric a stiff feeling compared to a traditional fleece, not sure if it will soften after a couple of washes yet.

I would say that the Epsilon AR feels and behaves much like a lined windshirt, not as windproof as Polartec Powerstretch but correspondingly more breathable. My first impressions are very favourable and I will report back when I have used it some more

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