Marmot Genesis Jacket reviewed by Fall-Line

We think the Marmot Genesis jacket is great and so do Fall-Line ski magazine. The Genesis is a soft shell jacket with taped seams so it’s waterproof, very strong and durable plus looks like a normal jacket rather than a traditional waterproof that you can wear everyday.
Here is what Fall-Line say – ‘Here’s one of those jackets that’ll suit folk who like superlight kit but want a modicum of warmth as part of the deal. Lined softshell feels really good to wear at any time of year because it doesn’t have that high-tech rustle of regular outer shell. Yet it still does pretty well everything a top end jacket will do at a lower price.
Originally designed to be fully waterproof, but there is a tiny area where water can get in at the top of the main pocket zips so it doesn’t qualify. I had to ask Marmot for that info, since I couldn’t find out why it wasn’t rated as such after it survived a good rolling. The spec is high, stretch, microfleece lined, seam welded and highly breathable thanks to Marmot’s tropo membrane laminate. Super comfortable neck area and great elastcated hood closures which make for a good close fit. The lack of snowskirt fails to put me off as I’m the sort of old ponce who wears high waisted trousers. Reviewed by Richard Fincher

Nice to know that others agree.