Hope for snowboard instructors

There is hope for British and German snowboard instructors who wish to work in France. European commisionaires have written to the French government about their refusal to recognise these qualifications. In France to teach snowboarding you need to be a SKI instructor, and so they will not recognise seperate snowboarding qualifications, despite the fact that this is in breach of european directives. The French government has 2 months to respond
A classic example of French protectionism and willingness to ignore EU directives if it doesn’t suit their purposes. Apparently British and German instructors are not far enough up their own arses to equal the standards set by the French. Don’t get me wrong I love France and have many french friends but we are all supposed to be europeans when it comes to work. It took years and many battles for British Ski Instructors to get the rights they deserve, lets hope that the boarding instructors get there a little quicker